Top Drawer eNewsletter 3.12.14

Top Drawer eNewsletter 3.12.14


We'd like to thank everyone who attended the reception for Top Drawer Art At The Brass’s group show at the Central Congregational Church this past Friday!  Thanks to those who attended, to the artists involved, and thanks of course to Central Congregational, including gallery committee chair Donna Templeton!

We’d like to talk a little now about the amazing new gift items that the artists at Top Drawer have been creating!  Textile arts have really taken off, with artists drawing, embellishing, embroidering, and hand-sewing on loads of great and unique items that could only be found here.  Felt coasters, purses and pillows with Top Drawer artists’ hand-embroidered artwork can now be purchased by artists such as Alan Aiello, Theresa Medeiros, Toni Vollaro, David Toste, Kayla Buja and many others.  Each of these artists’ unique hand is as visible in these new sewing projects as it is in their paintings and drawings, adding a whole new exciting dimension to the artists’ personal creative work.


Those same embellished felt squares Top Drawer’s artists create for the pillows are also now being pieced together to make epic patchwork quilts, which are amazing and intensely busy group creations that need to be seen in person to believed!  Covered in beads, fealt feathers, and ink drawings pointing every which way, these quilts are perfect embodiments of the Top Drawer spirit: FUN!


In addition to these felt products, Top Drawer’s artists have also been weaving rugs out of shredded, discarded T-shirts and blankets, once again creating beautiful, functional objects out of forgotten castoffs.  Artists like Toni Vollaro, David Toste, and Rick Titterton have taken long thin shreds of T-shirt material and woven them in and out of non-slip rug mats, creating colorful and odd-shaped rugs, table runners, and placemats. 


Artists such as Johnny McKenna, Michael Pascale, and Emily Sherwood have taken small shredded slips of blanket material and created fluffy shag rugs that are bright, thick, and one of the most satisfying sensory experiences your feet will ever have!  These special rugs are generally 2’ x 3’, but we have made larger, up to 5’ x 6’!       


Besides these amazing textile products, Top Drawer’s artists continue to make fabulous, beautiful objects out of paper.  Nick Taylor and David Toste are two artists who have taken a simple recipe for paper angel wings and added their specific, careful, meticulous touch to them, creating beautiful objects that are not just Christmas decorations but are perfect for any sophisticated, Folk Art-filled home!   


Paul Martland, the legendary artist who spends his days at Top Drawer selectively filling-in his found blueprint collection with black marker, has worked with Top Drawer in creating a limited quantity of decorative boxes covered in his signature drawings!  Some of these are lunchboxes, hard board with metal handles, and some are on vintage wooden cigar boxes, perfect for the odd bureau-top knick knack!   


Last but not least in this special issue on Top Drawer’s new gift items, those of you who’ve visited us in the past six months have probably noticed an influx of large, psychedelic,  vinyl mats covering our gallery floor and hanging from our rafters.  Thanks to a donation from a local business of two pallets of outdoor sign vinyl, Top Drawer’s artists have deconstructed and reconstructed the vinyl tape into wild, large floormats, wall hangings, and tablecloths.  Each of these are completely unique, one-of-a-kind items that will really pop with color and brighten up your living space!


Top Drawer is again participating in the annual Paul V. Sherlock Memorial Art Show organized by VSA Arts RI and held at the Atrium Gallery, One Capitol Hill, Providence.  There are always surprises at this remarkable show, which features the talents of amazing artists with disabilities from across Rhode Island.  This year Top Drawer will feature brand new work by eighteen artists: Anthony Brum, Stefanie Aubin, Emmet Estrada, Roy Santos, David Toste, Livy Young, Kyle Komiega, Steven Karnes, Kayla Buja, Martha Canning, Toni Vollaro, Johnny McKenna, Wendy LeBeau, Brian Novasad, Brian Lamora, Theresa Medeiros, Nick Taylor and Doug Nichols.  Public reception, which includes live music and refreshments, is Tuesday, March 25th, 12-1:30 pm.


That's all for now.  Be sure to check out these events before we start a busy summer season with the kickoff of Top Drawer Art At The Brass's new Art Night Exhibition series and large new group exhibition at Barrington Public Library, all coming this May!