Top Drawer eNewsletter 5.14.13

Stop by Top Drawer Art At The Brass now to see the new exhibition Drawing From The Heart: Michael Pascale and Livy Young!  These two artists have been working at Top Drawer for several years making wonderful drawings that reflect the things they hold dear.  For Michael, those things are his friends, drawn as floating cartoon characters across the page, and his handwritten thoughts, which also float in and out and often contain references to friends and family.  For Livy, those things are her cats, which are drawn in such a loose, giddy way that they lose all form and break down into explosions of color and joy.  These two artists’ works are reflections on life and the simple pleasures that beg us to slow down and smile.  Bright and happy, full of scrawled poetry and hidden gems, and fascinating to see side by side, this is wonderful work from two of our most heartfelt artists. 

Drawing From The Heart: Michael Pascale and Livy Young

May 6 – 31, 2013

Art Night Reception Thursday, May 30, 5 pm – 9 pm

Until then, we’ll see you at Top Drawer Art At The Brass!

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