Top Drawer eNewsletter 9.30.13

Thanks to all who made it out to the last Art Night, and the Public Reception for DEDICATION: Emmet Estrada and Doug Nichols here at Top Drawer Art At The Brass!  The night was full of classic moments, with the artists on-hand to give tours of the gallery and introduce new visitors to their work.  These two are a few of the most driven and passionate artists at Top Drawer, hence the title DEDICATION.  Visitors were wowed by Doug Nichols’ Lion and Tree sculptures, who, when arranged together by Doug seemed to communicate some unknown messages to each other, and by Emmet’s stack of 2013 drawings that weighed a ton!  Always inspirational and never cynical, Top Drawer’s exhibitions could not get any better than with these two artists.       

Stop in soon to get a sneak peek of our new exhibition, Hearts And Minds: Katie Carcieri and Wendy LeBeau!  These two artists are painters who work in a loose style, one whose work centers around cartoon hearts that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and the other whose work is more cerebral and abstract, yet just as colorful and energetic.  Also stop by to see our Autumn gifts, such as brand new scarves woven by David Toste, our holiday-themed pillows, and our Halloween stand-up cutout featuring a spooky scene by Katie Carcieri and Theresa Medeiros! 

Don’t forget that every penny spent at The Brass goes back into the supplies budget- your support is what keeps us going! 

Until next time!        

Top Drawer Art At The Brass

16 Cutler St. (Behind Tom’s Market)

Warren, RI 02885