Top Drawer eNewsletter 8.28.12

Don’t forget this Thursday is Art Night, and Top Drawer’s reception for Earth From Above: Alan Aiello and David Robidoux!  Both of these artists work with abstract drawing, and both have developed a unique, sci-fi tinged, biomorphic style.  Alan’s works are colorful orbs with complex color patterns that the artist calls “mottling”, which have evolved from his tentacled-mutant drawings into appendage-less, all-knowing beings, or as one staff put it, “infra-red Death Stars”.  David’s works, on the other hand, are delicate one-tone drawings that resemble, according to Phoenix arts writer Greg Cook, “geologic cross-sections”, which also have organically developed from the artist’s own unique drawing style.  Join us for the reception for Earth From Above at the next Art Night, Thursday August 30th, 5 pm – 8 pm! 

See you this week, and remember to keep on supporting the arts in RI!

Earth From Above: Alan Aiello and David Robidoux

August 6 – 31, 2012

Opening Reception Thursday, August 30th, 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Top Drawer Art at The BRASS, 16 Cutler St., Warren